How to use
How to use
Easy to install
How to use Leveler
Place a screw between tiles and spin a cap
Tighten the cap to get tiles in the level
Remove the levelers and collect the caps

How to use

Hurricane® Leveling
Who can use it

Hurricane® is intended for professionals and amateurs according to the DIY principle. It is easy to install, tighten (level) and remove. No additional tools are required.

How to use - Step 01
Step 01
Place and Spin

Place Hurricane® Leveling Screw between the tiles. Use the appropriate number of screws according to the consumption table.

Spin Hurricane® Level Cap all over to the tile surface.

How to use - Step 02
Step 02
Tighten and level

Tighten Hurricane® Level Cap to get tiles in level. Excessive force is not required because the surface force acting on the plate is over 100 kg.

How to use - Step 03
Step 03
Repeat the process

Repeat the process until work get finished.

How to use - Step 04
Step 04
Remove all Levelers

The removing process is always successful, without damaging the tiles and without the remains of plastic parts in the joints.

Remove the leveler from wall tiles with a rubber hammer in the direction of the joint. On floor tiles, removing can be done using a low-force foot kick.